Monday, July 20, 2009

Kicking and Screaming - May 2005

The reigning Master of the doofus comedy, Will Farrell, hits another home run with "Kicking and Screaming." A mild mannered soccer dad ends up coaching his son’s team. As required by the genre, the underachieving team makes the playoffs and, well, you know.

Farrell hams it up just the right amount, meaning a lot, giving "Kicking and Screaming" a few gut-busting laughs that a lesser actor might not have been able to pull off. His battle with the evil bean, while predictable, is done with such aplomb it’s hard not to be impressed.

In a small but notable roll, Mike Ditka appears as an assistant coach. As a lifelong Vikings fan, I hate the Chicago Bears and all things Ditka (I have to - it’s in the Vikings fan manual. Go ahead, check for yourself). However, Iron Mike is quite the character and adds just the right spice to this movie.

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