Monday, July 20, 2009

Chasing Liberty - January 2004


"Chasing Liberty" is a variation on the tried-and-true "Roman Holiday" formula that succeeds almost exclusively due to the incredible charisma of Mandy Moore. It’s Moore’s third movie and she has been fabulous in all three ("A Walk to Remember," "How to Deal").

"Chasing Liberty" is a predictable and sometimes plodding story of a First Daughter traipsing around Europe in the company of an unbeknownst-to-her Secret Service agent. The implausible story doesn’t matter. The beautiful scenery helps, but it’s all about Mandy.

[2009: Moore would move on the savagely funny "Saved!" a few months later, but her movies since aren't really anything special. That's a shame.

I rented "Chasing Liberty" last year and my impression was pretty much exactly what I wrote in this review. It's all about Mandy.]

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