Monday, July 20, 2009

Capsule Reviews - August 2003

[2009: They didn't give me a lot of space this month. Michael Bay is probably grateful]

"Bad Boys 2"
Not Recommended
"Bad Boys 2" had plenty of top notch action sequences but was too stupid for words.

[2009: Directed by Michael Bay, you'll see a theme develop in my comments about his movies in the future. "Too stupid for words" might be the nicest thing I say...]

Still in Theaters

"Bend it Like Beckham" was just released to most cineplexes. Be sure to catch it.

[2009: Featuring a tomboyish Keira Knightley. There, I said it. Mandatory plug accomplished.]

"Lara Croft Tomb Raider The Cradle of Life"
[2009: This is the sequel to "Tomb Raider." I have no memory of this movie aside from Lara Croft using a jet ski. No other memories whatsoever.]

"Spy Kids 3 Game Over"
Not Recommended
It’s bad enough "Spy Kids 3" is a pale comparison of the first two movies of the series, but number three is in 3D. Didn’t that flop in the 50s and again in the 70s? Skip it.

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