Monday, July 20, 2009

The Italian Job - June 2003


"The Italian Job" is a lousy title for a really fun movie. It’s a caper film, and I love caper films. There’s always risk, bad guys, not-so-bad guys, chases, double crosses, triple crosses, red herrings, diversions, cool sunglasses and ill-gotten booty. This one treats the heist seriously enough to reel you in but is tongue-in-cheek in the right places.

Think of "The Italian Job" as "Ocean’s Eleven" with a little less style, a better story and a more likable femme fatale. There are two signature heists, only one in Italy. The second one makes up the bulk of the movie and the good guys run into problem after problem after problem. "The Italian Job" has more risk, more personality and more excitement than "Ocean’s Eleven" or the recent "Confidence." It’s a very fun movie. If only it had a better title.

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