Monday, July 20, 2009

Love Actually - December 2003


If you like romantic comedies, you’ll love "Love Actually." If you don’t like them, stay away. "Love Actually" is a romantic comedy on steroids. No fewer than 20 people are involved in various shades of romances, some tragically, but most happily, eventually.

"Love Actually" takes place in London during the month before Christmas. There are common threads weaving through all the characters, but the stories stand on their own well enough.

Opinions will vary on which was anyone’s favorite romance but the funnest story was the over-the-hill singer who records a Christmas version of a 60s hit, who then admits it’s garbage, causing it to become a hit.

[2009: I could watch this movie over and over as it seems to get better with repeated viewings. It looks like I had enough space that month to write bigger reviews, so maybe I should also have noted Hugh Grant's pitch-perfect role as the British Prime Minister who falls for a housekeeper his first day on the job. And let's not overlook a bit part by a radiant Keira Knightley.]

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