Monday, July 20, 2009

Bringing Down the House - March 2003

Not Recommended

Imagine you are baking a cake. You have all the ingredients to make a fabulous cake, but your recipe has you adding them in the wrong order and baking it at the wrong temperature. That’s "Bringing Down the House". Steve Martin and Queen Latifah are charismatic actors with great comic timing, but the story didn’t grab me.

The story is movie-conventional: Uptight lawyer meets sassy ex-con (who is innocent, of course) and, after initial resistance, he agrees to help clear her name. There are plenty of opportunities for misunderstandings and fish-out-of-water situations, including her at the Country Club (funny) and him at the urban nightclub (not funny)[Painfully not funny]. One bright note: "Bringing Down the House" features one of the funniest cat-fights ever recorded on film.

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