Monday, July 20, 2009

Behind Enemy Lines - December 2001

There’s a rule in the movie business that studios dump their lower quality pictures between Labor Day and the first week of December. While there were a few clinkers in September and October, I’ve seen some pretty good movies in November and December.

"Behind Enemy Lines"


In 1999, an F18 is shot down in Bosnia, and the navigator has to hike to a safe area for a rescue. It’s a mile-a-minute action movie, but suffers from so many inaccurate military, geographic, and, yes, meteorological details that I never forgot I was watching a movie. But since I like war movies, I enjoyed it anyway.

[2009: Since we've had too much war for my taste over the past seven years, I don't enjoy war movies any more. After refreshing my memory with IMDB, I'm going to say that "Behind Enemy Lines" hasn't held up very well and there's no reason to rent it.]

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