Monday, July 20, 2009

Capsule Reviews - Febuary 2002

"The Count of Monte Cristo"
A very good telling of the classic tale of betrayal and revenge. Fast moving and fun to see justice served.

"A Walk To Remember"
Much better than I expected! A teen romance that treats the characters, teen and adult alike, as if they are intelligent people.

[2009: The beginning of my appreciation of Mandy Moore.]

"Gosford Park"
A comedy set in 1920s England that is equally about wealthy manor guests and the servants who tend them. Great characters and beautiful scenery, however I missed a lot of the dialogue due to strong British accents and rapid delivery.

[2009: I didn't have enough space to get into explaining the plot of this Robert Altman movie. I think it's one of his best but Altman isn't for everyone.]

"The Shipping News"
Kevin Spacey as a meek widower who gets transplanted to Newfoundland, where he finds great vistas, quirky people, and eventually, himself. A little over the top in places, but quite enjoyable.

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