Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catching Up

Recently viewed movies

The Proposal
How can you go wrong with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, not to mention Betty White? You can't. The story is a little thin and formulaic, but the sheer charisma of the leads pulls it through.

Personal note: Sandra Bullock is only a few years younger than I am. There is a scene where she is 99% naked yet not nude, and her physique is remarkable (hence I'm remarking), and not just for someone in her mid-40s. I don't know that I've ever seen any woman on-screen in that good of shape and certainly never in person. Wow.

Public Enemies
Michael Mann directed one of the best modern crime movies, 1995's Heat, a movie by which all crime dramas should be judged, and compared to Heat, Public Enemies is not at all good. It's too long, it has too many characters and it looks like many scenes were carelessly hacked in editing. On the plus side, Leelee Sobieski showed up in the last five minutes. No introduction; her character just appeared.  I just love saying that name.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
I'm withholding comment until I've seen it twice. With any HP movie, you have to adjust to how much of the novels was left out. It'll take at least one more viewing to form a real opinion on how I feel about the movie without thinking about the novel.

Transformers 2
This bad boy is another story. I saw it for the second time this weekend. There were things I enjoyed - the Sam's relationships to his parents, Michaela, Capt Lennox and the autobots - but it was still too long and there was too much machine-on-machine violence. Unless his next movie is only 90 minutes long, I'm officially reinstating the Michael Bay lifetime ban.


  1. After seeing Harry Potter for a second time, I can safely say that did really like it. But only after seeing it twice.

    Did you notcie in the Proposal that Betty White's character tells Sandra Bullock's character that they're Tlingit? I thought that was cool.

  2. I saw the tranformers second movie, I did not see the transformers first movie, Max and I thought it was a good action flick, long enough to make your butt hurt. Some of the action was too fast to follow though, and I was more than just a liitle lost about his relationship with the car.
    Mark and Max

  3. Marko,

    Even with explosion porn like Transformers 2, you would really benefit from seeing Transformers. The relationship with Bumblebee - the Camaro - would make more sense, as would the John Torturro character. And should you really need to be encouraged to see a Megan Fox movie?