Monday, July 20, 2009

Mystic River - November 2003

Two days ago I did not know that the Mystic River is a major waterway in Boston. Learning such trivial facts is generally a happy thing. It would also be the only happiness associated with the film "Mystic River." It ain’t the funnest movie you’ll see this year, but it might be one of the best.

I’ve often thought of Clint Eastwood as an under-appreciated director. In "Mystic River," he assembled a dream cast, a deadly serious story and shot the movie in a seemingly four square block area in working-class Boston. Everybody knows everybody yet secrets are everywhere after a teenager is murdered. Very serious, very deadly.

Look for Sean Penn to get heaps of accolades during award season. The rest of the cast, fake Boston accents and all, are also wonderful.

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