Monday, July 20, 2009

Stay - October 2005

The classic Jackson Browne song finally makes it to the big screen. No, just seeing if you are paying attention.

"Stay" is a psychothriller with a twist: it tells you upfront there will be a twist. A psychiatrist sees a troubled patient who announces the time and date when he will off himself. The shrink then tries to figure the guy out before it’s too late.

The twist I mentioned – this is not a spoiler as the movie telegraphs it – is not a pull the rug out twist, as in "Sixth Sense," "Usual Suspects" or "Memento," but a device to hold your attention while it tells you a good story and "Stay" is a good story. If you like a movie where you have no idea what will happen next, "Stay" will do the trick for you.

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