Monday, July 20, 2009

She’s the Man - April 2006

OK, we’ve all seen dozens of variations on the themes of women pretending to be men and men pretending to be women, so I was pleasantly surprised that "She’s the Man" was quite entertaining. That was due in large part to the charms of Amanda Bynes. She gamely attacked the lead role, making with the silly and being a buffoon but not an idiot. Bynes has great physical comedy chops and is the single reason to see this movie.

"She’s the Man" is about a high school girl whose soccer team is disbanded who then goes to school in the next town over dressed as a boy. He/she makes friends, almost gets caught several times, falls in love and (perhaps) wins the big game. Since soccer, excuse me, futball, is such a big part of the plot, I think the title should have been "Genderbend It Like Beckham." All of it, as trite and clichéd as it sounds on paper, works when Amanda Bynes goes to it.

[2009: I have since acquired a DVD copy. I have to fast-forward through some parts but I still enjoy “She’s the Man” quite a bit. I could say pretty much the same thing about Bynes' movie "What a Girl Wants."]

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