Monday, July 20, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Smith - June 2005

Some movies are about the story, some about the visuals, while some are about moods. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is about charisma and nothing else. The always likable Brad Pitt and irresistible hottie Angelina Jolie in a film featuring guns, explosions, car chases, cleavage and dancing. Could it be anything but enjoyable?

John and Jane Smith are assassins working for competing US intelligence agencies. They’ve been married for several years and have never told the other what they truly do for a living. Yeah, that happens. When they find out each other’s secrets, they have to take each other out. The story is a throwaway. What counts is the fun the leads have hamming it up and how much fun we have watching it happen. The Smiths’ marriage may not survive but the audience will certainly get their money’s worth.

[2009: Boy was I right about the charisma between Pitt and Jolie. What we saw on the screen was based on their real-life romance or maybe vice versa. I wouldn't mind if they tried pairing up again in an unrelated movie.]

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