Monday, July 20, 2009

Madagascar - June 2005

"Madagascar" is a fairly generic talking animal cartoon. There’s nothing special about the animals, in fact, they’re kind of bland. But if you like the talking animal genre, you’ll like "Madagascar." I did, but mildly.

Problem is, they made the wrong movie. As throwaway characters, "Madagascar" includes four psychotic penguins trying to escape a zoo and get to Antarctica at all costs. In the process, they behave like a commandos, Hogan’s Heroes, sailors, hackers and even a sushi chef. A full movie about these conscienceless, obsessed flightless waterfowl would have been better than this one about some clueless zoo animals.

[2009: Flightless waterfowl? That's what we call foreshadowing, the sign of quality literature.]

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