Monday, July 20, 2009

Man of the House - March 2005

I’m sure it sounded good on paper, but the celluloid version of "Man of the House" is a time waster. The reliable Tommy Lee Jones plays a Texas Ranger who has to babysit five college cheerleaders who witnessed a mob hit. We get the requisite generational misunderstandings, runaway protectees and stupid criminals. We’ve seen it all before, right down to the car chases and the Ranger shooting a gun out of the hand of the bad guy. Worse yet, every scene with Cedric the Entertainer sucks the life out of the film and, seemingly, out of the viewer. "Man of the House" is to be avoided at all costs.

[2009: Because her role was so small, I didn't mention that Liz Vassey is in "Man of the House," but damn! that girl looks good on the big screen. Today, you can see her as a lab tech on "CSI."]

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