Monday, July 20, 2009

Lord of War - September 2005

Nicolas Cage is an actor who can take you to places few other actors can. In "Lord of War," he takes us to a very dark place.

"Lord of War" follows the career of a young gun runner who becomes a major arms dealer. Along the way, he slowly sheds his ethics and humanity. Cage plays the character from teenager to mid-40s without make-up or any aid to show aging. You accept it because he changes mannerisms with the timeline, from a wide-eyed kid trying to make a buck to a jaded veteran, making deals with the worst type of dictators and tyrants.

Did I say it was dark? Yes, and violent, too, but not as much of an adventure story as the commercials might try to convince you. I like a dark movie once in a while and "Lord of War" is among the best of its type.

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