Monday, July 20, 2009

Hero - September 2004

In Chinese with English subtitles

I hadn’t seen any promos for "Hero" before I saw it. I suspect the commercials make it out to be a typical Jet Li slice’em, dice’em, Kung Fu action thriller. Thank goodness that isn’t the case. "Hero" is easily the most beautiful movie of the year, with bright colors, beautiful scenery and fabulous fight scene choreography.

The story is complex and subtle and mainly told in flashback. Some vignettes are retold three times, each version very different from the others. I saw a bunch of disappointed faces when the lights came up at the end, but I like complicated stories and jaw-dropping visuals, so "Hero" may just find its way into my permanent collection.

[2009: I waited until I had a Blu-Ray DVD player to buy "Hero" then I read on the internet - so it MUST be true - that the Blu-Ray version was mastered poorly and looked terrible, so I still haven't purchased a copy.]

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