Monday, July 20, 2009

Garden State - September 2004

I don’t watch "Scrubs" on TV, so I had no idea who Zach Braff was when I saw his name on the credits of "Garden State." He wrote and directed the movie, so I may have to start watching "Scrubs."

"Garden State" is a moody story of a barely successful actor who goes back to New Jersey for a funeral. He’s been highly medicated for depression since he was nine but leaves his medication behind in Hollywood during the trip home. When the drugs clear his system, he begins to realize he has the ability to feel alive and be happy.

Braff has a marvelous vision using impressive visuals and tells an interesting story. If this is what he can do with his first, independent film, I hope he doesn’t go mainstream anytime soon.

[2009: I started watching "Scrubs" right after this movie came out, and with the help of Netflix, I caught up on the first three seasons of "Scrubs" starting in 2005. "Scrubs" as a whole was pretty good, but some parts of it weren't to my taste and Zach Braff 's character wears a but thin after a few dozen episodes.]

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