Monday, July 20, 2009

Fever Pitch - April 2005

Love. Baseball. Love of baseball. "Fever Pitch" is a remarkably funny movie about a guy obsessed with the Red Sox who meets Miss Right. Jimmy Fallon is pitch perfect as the guy with some tough choices to make.

Unlike real life, "Fever Pitch" is set in the world of perfection: every play is exciting; every friend is entertaining; there’s never any trouble parking and the girlfriend looks like Drew Barrymore. Even if you don’t like the Red Sox, this movie is for anyone who appreciates a good laugh and a ninth-inning rally.

[2009: That last line was an homage to "Sports Night," a TV show from 1998-2000 created by Aaron Sorkin. In one episode, a producer notes that their sports broadcast could use a literal ninth-inning rally, while everyone around him is insulted because they thought he meant it figuratively.]

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