Monday, July 20, 2009

Eurotrip - March 2004

Not Recommended

"Eurotrip" might be out of theaters by the time you read this, but that’s no loss. Maybe this will help when selecting videos in a few months.

"Eurotrip" almost works. It is a simple road picture with four very smart, likable characters who have some standard misadventures during their post-high school trip to Europe. The problem is raunch. When the movie goes raunchy, it stops being funny. When the kids are being themselves, it is very funny.

"Eurotrip" should also be noted as having the funniest running gag featuring a song since "Final Destination," even more so since it is an original song. If that appeals to you grab it when you see it in the video store.

Still in Theaters

"50 Fifty First Dates"

Yes, it’s an Adam Sandler movie and all that that implies, but the romantic comedy parts work as well as any Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie.

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