Monday, July 20, 2009

Shall We Dance? - November 2004

Although the story of "Shall We Dance?" is much like any number of movies we've all seen, this is a fun and warm telling of the story. The plot: A bored lawyer takes dancing lessons, stuff goes wrong, things turn out OK.

Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and a number of lesser known but likable actors make "Shall We Dance?" much like the visual equivalent of comfort food.

In case you're wondering, Jennifer Lopez is in "Shall We Dance?," but only in a supporting role. She's one of my favorites on the screen, unless she's playing Ashley Judd. Here, she's a dance instructor who moves like a cat more than Halle Berry did in "Catwoman."

Recent DVD Releases

"The Stepford Wives"

Fun but not worth owning.

[2009: I can't believe I didn't savage this movie, even in a capsule review. It is easily one of the worst movies ever made. On morality alone, I have to register an objection. For most of the movie, it seems the husbands brainwash the wives but it turns out they kill the wives and replace them with robots. Jeez louise, how could I have called this loser "fun?"


A new Christmas classic. Can be watched over and over.
Available next Tuesday.

"A Cinderella Story"

Wasn't quite worth seeing in the theater but would make a good rental.

[2009: Hilary Duff still had her original teeth, so it's safe to view this movie.]

"Garfield: The Movie"

OK to rent but I wouldn't want to own it.


  1. RE: Stepford Wives - I thought it was fun! I own the DVD. Nicole Kidman is such a great actress that I love her in almost everything she's in (I say almost due to 'Eyes Wide Shut'). But, I think Jon Lovitz, and The Divine Miss M really make the movie. Oh, and they don't kill their wives - they just replace their memory with microchips of their dream wives. Not that that's any less moral. :)

  2. I'll take your word that they're just replacing memories with chips but when I wrote the review five years ago, I was quite sure about the robots thing.

    I'll echo your statement about Nicole Kidman. She's darn good.