Monday, July 20, 2009

Serenity - September 2005

Opens September 30

"Serenity" is based on a very short-lived TV series from 2002 called "Firefly." Few people watched it but those that did became rabid fans. In response to the cult following, it was released on DVD in 2004. At that time, people like me started watching it and became rabid fans, leading to a $50,000,000 feature film that some of us are looking forward to as much as we would a combination of Christmas, payday and the arrival of the swimsuit issue.

Thing is, what about those of you who haven’t seen the 14 episodes of "Firefly?" It’s kind of an odd premise—a western set in space but it works. The pilot itself was almost good enough to have been released as a movie. The characters became rich and detailed over the show’s brief run. They also speak in a patois of old west, space geek, slapstick humor and Chinese. It’s almost Shakespearean in its elegance, but takes a few episodes to get used to. Although they may have made the film more accessible for the non-fan, I fear those who go in cold may not be able to really appreciate it. And that would be a shame. If you are the adventure movie type, I recommend renting or buying "Firefly" ($29.99, before seeing "Serenity." The investment will be well worth it. No, you can’t borrow mine.

By the way, if something goes wrong with SS7 billing on the 30th, you’re on your own. I’ll only be across the street at Willow Creek Theater, but come looking for me at your own risk.

[2009: In case you're wondering, SS7 billing went fine that month.]

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