Monday, July 20, 2009

Comic Book Movies - July 2005

"Batman Begins"
"Fantastic 4"

Two movies based on comic books at the same time. Go see "Batman Begins." Don’t go see "Fantastic 4."

I suppose you want more detail. All these years and you don’t trust me? Fair enough. "Batman Begins" shows us a tortured soul who decides to make a difference. He takes a few chances, makes a few mistakes and learns some big lessons. He later pieces together the persona of Batman and puts it to electrifying use. We, the audience, form a bond with Bruce Wayne and root for Batman to triumph, mis-steps and all. "Batman Begins" is the best superhero movie in recent memory, bar none. It’s dark, it’s moody, it works.

I wasn’t familiar with the "Fantastic 4" before seeing the movie. I’m not of a mind to get to know them any better, either by reading a comic book or watching the inevitable sequel. "Fantastic 4" is just a generic superhero movie, like "X-Men" but without the character development. Yes, that’s a joke, but I enjoyed the heck out of the two X-Men films. "Fantastic 4" was less than ordinary. Is “unfantastic” a word? Should be.

[2009: Yet I went to see the inevitable sequel for "Fantastic 4." It sucked beyond words. Curse your fabulous physique, Jessica Alba!]

Still in Theaters


Very funny and not as bad as you’d expect a TV remake to be. Yes, that’s a Minnesota complement.

"Herbie Fully Loaded"

It’s a Disney formula movie, but it works. As long as Lindsay Lohan doesn’t try Shakespeare, I’m confident she’ll continue to deliver a quality entertainment product.

[2009: You know how right I was about "Mr. and Mrs. Smith?" That's how unright I was about Lindsay Lohan. A lot of talent but what a disaster, both in her movie choices and her tabloid-friendly private life.]

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