Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Boys (1 season in two parts, 22 episodes, 2006-2007)

I started watching JAG when it premiered in 1995 but dropped it in the middle of the second season.  When it left the air in 2005, I decided to catch the last few episodes.  Three of the last five were a backdoor pilot for a new version of JAG.  They brought in a new guy - we'll call him Harmon Rabb 3.0 - and a new Sara McKenzie.  Mac 2.0 - technically Kaitlin 4.0 - was played by Jordana Spiro.  A cutie, she caught my attention only a little at the time but four months later I would jump on her bandwagon for good.

In Must Love Dogs, Jordana was in all of two scenes.  She's John Cusack's ditsy date, the one who so misunderstands Dr Zhivago, you sort of wonder how she can even speak English.  When you ask people about Must Love Dogs, they'll probably mention the date scene before they say anything about Cusak or co-star Diane Lane.  Jordana was that funny.

In My Boys, which runs during baseball season on TBS, Jordana Spiro plays PJ, a tomboy surrounded by men.  She's a sports reporter covering the Chicago Cubs, plays poker with her male friends several nights every week and her brother stops by every night after work before treking home.  PJ has only one female friend, the ultrafeminine Stephanie.  PJ's world is 99% guys.

My Boys is a single camera, 30 minute comedy with no laugh track.  It doesn't need one, as the humor is fast and furious, usually from the friendly and competitive banter.  As funny as My Boys is, there is also a jazzy theme song and Jordana's amazing cuteness to complete the package.

The first season was aired in two parts and the tenor of the show changed a little during the second half but not enough to worry about.  Seasons two and three have aired but aren't out on DVD yet.  Season four will play on TBS this Summer.  Looking forward to seeing more of PJ and her friends.

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