Saturday, May 1, 2010

Space: 1999 (2 seasons, 48 episodes, 1975-1977)

You are reading the third draft of my comments about Space: 1999.  You don't realize it, but you are very glad I'm able to say, “Let me spare you the details.”

Space: 1999 was a British sci-fi show that ran for two seasons in the 70s.  It was not on a network but was a pioneer in first-run syndication, developing a broadcast model that Star Trek The Next Generation and Xena would later use, and is quite common today.

The plot of Space: 1999 is simple: An explosion pushes the moon out of the Earth's orbit, and it now drifts through the cosmos, coming near a new planet, space ship or space phenomenon every week.

It was stylish and futuristic, with great effects, costumes and interesting stories.  That is, for season one.  They changed things up dramatically (and negatively) in season two, presumably to find a wider audience, but they ended up losing enough of its already small following that the show ended after two seasons.

I started buying the DVDs about ten years ago but hadn't gotten around to watching them all the way through.  Come January last, it became time.

Here's where I'll save you about 1000 words of detail.  If you are a sci-fi person, you owe it to yourself to at least read up on Space: 1999, maybe even watch a few episodes of the first season. I recommend “Breakaway,” “Guardian of Piri,” “The Testament of Arkadia,” and “The Last Enemy.”

If you're really into sci-fi, watch the entire first season sometime.  If you're really into sci-fi and are a bit of a masochist, watch the second season as well.

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