Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boston Legal (5 seasons, 101 episodes, 2004-2008)

Captain Kirk and the guy from Tuff Turf meet Murphy Brown.  That's pretty much what I expected when I started watching Boston Legal.  It didn't catch my attention on its recent network run but a couple of my friends heartily recommended it so I decided to watch on DVD.

Boston Legal is an amazing show.  The entire cast is top-notch, headed by William Shatner and James Spader.  I kept hearing about Shatner winning Emmies for BL but had no idea he could be so funny.  Every week, there would be some absurd court case, much sturm und drang, and then two guys smoking cigars on the balcony.

I highly recommend Boston Legal for a satisfying series to watch.  It'll take a while to get through but it ends with a Supreme Court bang.  And now, having seen Boston Legal, I understand what it means when my friends say, “We're flamingos.”

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