Saturday, May 1, 2010

Life (2 seasons, 32 episodes, 2007-2009)

I've already written a little about Life.  It was a buddy cop show, with a side of damaged hero.  The first season ran during the strike-shortened 2007-2008 season.  While I remembered the last episodes pretty well, I forgot some of the details from the first season, so I decided to savor the entire 32 episodes in one run.

Life begins with Charlie Crews having been released from maximum security prison, where he spent 12 years after having been convicting of killing a family.  A cop before he went in, Crews took a large cash settlement and a detective's badge when he was exonerated.  Life is what he was sentenced to, and life is what he got back.

Over the arc of the first season, Crews earned the trust of his partner, Detective Reese, and launched an off-the books investigation to find out who really killed his friends.  The second season gave us more weekly murders to solve and a bigger conspiracy to unravel.  The chemistry between Crews and Reese (played by the scrumptious Sarah Shahi) really gelled by the end, with no hint of a romance cliché.  It detoured a bit with odd b-plots in some episodes, but all-in-all, a really good show.  The last three minutes of the last episode truly rank as one of the great scenes in TV cop show history.

It took less than two weeks for me to watch all the episodes of Life.  I stayed up a few hours past my bedtime a couple of times, not wanting the wonderfulness to stop.  I would have liked to have seen another season of the show on NBC or a move to USA, but what can you do?

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