Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Movie: Once

My Netflix disc last night was "Once," a 2007 Irish indie. It was pretty darn good, in fact, riveting at points. It's about two strangers in Dublin who share a love of music (and a pant load of talent). Roeper and guest host raved about it when it came out, but indie movies usually don't make it to my neck of the suburbs so I had to wait for the DVD.

"Once" won an Academy award last year for best original song. The music is pretty good. Starting about 15 minutes in, the two end up in a music store after hours and start playing a song the guy wrote. The scene is just of the two people and lasts about four minutes but is mesmerizing. She starts tentatively playing along on piano and by the end of the song, it sounds like they've been playing together forever.

Highly recommended. I even ran out to get the soundtrack I enjoyed it so much.

Either IMDB is wrong about the lead actress or I'm darn unobservant. Both are possible. I thought she was thirtyish and that's how I interpreted her character. According to IMDB, she was 18 when the film was shot. If 18 is correct, I may have to watch it again to see how that changes my impression of the movie. I might have to watch it again anyway.

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