Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Movie: Marley and Me

I skip commercials so I don't see a lot of ads. I caught a few and saw the preview a few times, so I had an impression of "Marley and Me" before I went to it. The movie couldn't have been farther from the commercials. I anticipated a zany romp with slapstick moments galore. What I got I coulda gladly missed. No zanyness. No slapstick. Just a dog and two stupid people.

Here's the thing. I'm not a dog person or an any pet person, for that matter. I don't mind seeing movies with dogs in them, especially if the dog is a prop or a foil or a gag. "Marley and Me" was a family drama and Marley was a key component of the family. If you like movies about dogs who are family members, THIS IS YOUR MOVIE. I don't like movies about dogs who are family members. When the dog misbehaved and it misbehaved a lot, I wanted to (humanely) discipline or dispose of the critter. Then I wanted to inhumanely slap the people who let themselves get abused by the dog.

OK, we've established that I don't like dogs and I really don't like dog-people. The movie, however, was good on a technical level. Jennifer Aniston was radiant and worth watching. Aside from the misleading advertising and main characters I would not tolerate in real life, "Marley and Me" was a well-made film for dog people. It was just not a movie for me.

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