Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Runaways

I gave you a pre-view of The Runaways three months ago. I was afraid that the movie would be simplified and scrubbed. Nope. It was down and dirty, and even the film stock was a little grainy. Based on a book by Cherie Currie and with Joan Jett as Executive Producer, they hid from nothing.

I generally liked the movie, especially the way Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart inhabited their real-life characters, but you could tell the film-makers cut a lot out at the screenplay stage and even more in editing.  Case in point, third billing went to Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development, Whip It!). Alia is becoming a go-to actress for young supporting roles, yet, in The Runways, she had literally one sentence of dialog.  I can see how she might take a smaller roll to work with Stewart and Fanning, but her roll had to be bigger when they started. Snip.

A decent character movie and the music isn't bad, either.


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