Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Change-Up

The Change-Up is your basic body-swapping comedy as well as a raunch-com. It tries hard to be raunchy and sometimes hits the target, although it causes a few winces as well. It also goes out of its way to be stupid a few times, and because it was filmed using tax credits from the State of Georgia, it at times looks like a promo film for downtown Atlanta. Mainly though, it has a decent heart and is rather enjoyable. The characters never miss an opportunity to drop the F-bomb, but what can you do?

The best thing about The Change-Up is Olivia Wilde and a push-up bra inside an amazing red dress. You see more of the red dress in the previews than in the movie, but it's amazing nonetheless.


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  1. I wrote this review one year and three months ago and haven't looked at it again until today. The last paragraph seems really sexist today. I stand behind it, though, but perhaps I needed a more artful way of saying it. Or not - the dress, and Olivia in it, was the best part of the movie.