Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whiteout, Part 1

I've been a fan of Kate Beckinsale since May 20, 1998 (Shooting Fish, if you must know, and recommended), and will seek out pretty much any movie she's in. I'm afraid Whiteout is pretty much any movie.

Kate plays the only US Marshal on Antarctica and finds herself investigating the first murder on the continent only days before she is scheduled to be rotated out. The plot unfurls nicely, the action is good and the movie never drags, but it never reeled me in, either. It's not bad by any stretch of the imagination but it just never grabbed me. I'll recommend it for a home viewing sometime but there's no reason to seek it out in the theater.

And few people have. Whiteout opened yesterday. I watched it Saturday at noon. There were seven other people in the theater with me. That's not a sign of impending financial success. My guess is that Whiteout will disappear after two weeks.


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